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Disability representation in Storytelling

Tonight, I am honored to SM Playwrights Realm's panel on disability representation in storytelling, coproduced with HowlRound.

This panel will explore how disability has been historically represented in literature, TV/Film, and Theatre, and it will present contemporary views of disability as an intersectional identity. What does responsible representation look like in 2021?

The panelists will offer practical suggestions for ways that theatre makers can improve disability representation and create radically access-centered spaces for disabled actors, artists, administrators and audiences to support those who are most impacted by ableism, racism, colonialism, misogyny, and other forms of oppression.

ASL and Captioning will be provided.

Panelists: Elbert Joseph (they/them, he/him), Andrea Kovich (she/her), D'Arcee Charington Neal (he/they), Madison Mae Williams (she/her).

Panel Coordinator: Talleri McRae (she/her).

Learn more about this free event and gain access to the panel here.

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