Welcome to my website! These pages are dedicated to my career in stage management. 

I'm originally from North Carolina (with some Texas thrown in), and I fell in love with the theatre after a class trip to see The Velveteen Rabbit live. That was it, as they say. The next year, I got cast in the local theatre production of Best Christmas Pageant Ever, which was awesome because I got to miss school, and I've been in the world of theatre ever since, performing through high school and music directing in college. College sparked a shift for me; I focused on issues of social justice (yes, I joined the Peace Corps), and I worked for many years in higher education as an instructor, curriculum developer and program leader. The work never ends, and I continue to contribute curriculum and coaching.

Today, I'm a full-time freelance stage manager based in NYC, blending my knowledge and love of theatre with my skills in management, operations, and literary analysis. During the pandemic of 2020, I added virtual theatre to my toolkit, and, though it has been a challenging time, it has been a burgeoning one as well. I'm honored to work in the service those who are creating right now. When I can, I try to bring in others, and I'm always working to service the good.

Check out my work history, see what's new, look at some pictures I love, and contact me to connect and collaborate. Peace!

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