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Welcome to my website! These pages are dedicated to my career in stage management. 

I'm originally from North Carolina (with some Texas thrown in), and I fell in love with theatre in the second grade. We took a class trip to see The Velveteen Rabbit Live, and I was completely transfixed. I ran home, performed the show for my parents beat for beat, and that was it. I've been involved ever since, first as a musical theatre actor, and later as a music director and arranger.


But life is a journey, and my path has not been a straight line. College sparked an important shift for me: I focused on issues of social justice and identity; I served in the Peace Corps; and I worked for many years in higher education as a curriculum developer and program leader, helping to reshape the state of adult basic education across the U.S. (This work never ends, and I continue to contribute to the field.) Ultimately, however, I found that I wasn't content as "just" an audience member to the performing arts. So in the fall of 2019, I did it: I left my comfortable job in academia for a life in professional theatre.


And it's been a great ride ever since. Stage management is a perfect use of my talents, blending my knowledge and love of theatre with my skills in planning, management, and performance. Basically I'm paid to geek out as shows comes to life, and I play a key part in their success. It's joyful and humbling. I've been blessed to work with my heroes, and I meet new ones all the time. Onwards.

Check out my work history, see what's new, look at some pictures I love, and contact me with opportunities to collaborate. Peace!


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