Welcome to my website! These pages are dedicated to my career in stage management. 

Originally from North Carolina (with some Texas thrown in), I fell in love with the theatre from a young age and acted and music directed for many years. In college, I shifted my focus: I concentrated on social justice issues, served as a Peace Corps Volunteer, and eventually worked for many years as an educator and professional developer, improving the state of basic education for our country's neediest students. (Such work is never finished, and I continue to contribute as an education consultant.)

Today, I am a full-time freelance stage manager based in NYC, blending my knowledge and love of the theatre with my skills in management, operations, and literary analysis. During the pandemic of 2020, I added virtual theatre to my toolkit as well, stage managing and media producing top-notch productions with online and venue-based theatre companies alike. I continue to strengthen these skills and build the capacity of other stage managers to do this work as well.

Check out my work history, get the latest in News & Updates, scroll through some of my favorite show pictures, and contact me with opportunities to connect and collaborate!

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